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Welcome!  Please enjoy this virtual look round our club - but, better still, why not come and see us?  Founded over 140 years ago, we're a family-centred club with our own ground in picturesque Pollok Park on Glasgow's southside, members coming from all backgrounds and from across the ethnic and cultural spectra, all taking an active part in club life.  As well as competitive and social cricket for juniors and adults, there are all-weather tennis courts, spectator seating and well-appointed clubhouse.


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Latest news and club notices


Return to cricket - update [posted 04/07/20]


The club's return to cricket activities continued today with the start of pitch preparations in the hope that matches will be possible within the next month, it's hoped from the start of August.  Groundsman Adam Richardson and his two assistants continue to work hard on the ground and surrounds, despite a week of typical #Scottishsummer weather.  The first week of "COVID-19-safe" training sessions passed without a hitch and sessions can be booked on an ongoing basis.  The BodyFit fitness group was also back in action at the club this week, and, like the cricketers, saw their return to activity successfully carried out.


Training session bookings


Western District Cricket Union further update for clubs on the return to cricket [posted 03/07/20]


The Western District Cricket Union ("WDCU") has circulated summary guidance for clubs on the return to cricket activities. 


In a circular to member clubs the WDCU noted, "The target date for resumption of games remains 1st August 2020.  This has not been confirmed yet by Cricket Scotland and remains open to change.

"When the resumption of cricket matches is permitted the WDCU does not propose to deliver any competitions however are happy to facilitate matches by providing an up to date contacts lists for clubs to arrange games themselves.   WDCU believe that locally, possibly hub based, T20 matches are the best option due to continuing travel constraints and the lack of changing and catering facilities.


"Should they require them clubs will be responsible for arranging umpires and paying match fees and travel expenses. WDCU suggest that local umpires should be used where possible.  As any matches will not be run under formal WDCU auspices then there are no PlayerReg requirements.  Clubs should be aware that it is their responsibility to conduct a risk assessment and to ensure that all relevant COVID 19 guidelines are adhered to should they organise any matches.  Further guidance will be issued as and when any new information becomes available."


It's started! [posted 30/06/20]

It might've been the very last day of June, and we might've already seen the Summer solstice come and go, but tonight - at long last - we saw the return of cricket activity at "Shawholm".  Adhering to the guidelines set out by Cricket Scotland, sportscotland and the Scottish Government, the first COVID-19-safe training sessions took place at the old ground this evening, with three of the club's young players having the honour of being first to bat and bowl, all under the supervision of Session Monitor Grant Cathcart.  Our thanks are due to the groundstaff for getting the net bays ready for play this evening, and for those other club members who, along with Head of Senior Cricket Josh Sajjad, put in place the not insignificant protocols required for safe practice to start. The next of this week's trial sessions takes place on Thursday evening, with the practice facilities not being available to use in between.  A reminder that members who are up-to-date with their subscriptions can book a training slot by contacting Josh Sajjad.



Return to cricket - update [posted 25/06/20] 

The club continues to plan for the recommencement of cricket activities as part of the relaxation of restrictions related to COVID-19.  The initial recommencement protocols will be trialled next week, with processes and sessions being assessed at the end of the week to ascertain how these were in practice, and to assist with a possible expansion of activities thereafter.  Josh Sajjad, the Head of Senior Cricket, will be managing the booking system that is being put in place to manage use of the designated training zones that will be in place by June the 29th.  The booking process will be intimated to members over the next few days, in advance of which the terms and conditions attaching to use of training facilities have been finalised, are online, and should be read by any member wanting to book.  A new section has also been added to the website that provides more information on the planned COVID-19 safe return to cricket activities, and should, similarly, be read by members.  More information will continue to be circulated to members, and parents of juniors, using the usual messaging channels over the next few days. 


Club President update [posted 25/06/20]


Club President Kenneth Robertson (pictured) has written to members today, updating them on the situation as regards COVID-19 and the Scottish Government's easing of restrictions arising therefrom, and how this will facilitate the resumption of some cricket activities in line with guidance issued by Cricket Scotland and sportscotland. 


Kenneth's update has been emailed to members, and circulated to junior players' parents and senior players by WhatsApp today.  It can also be read, here online.


Cricket Scotland further guidance for clubs on the return to cricket [posted 23/06/20] 

Following its earlier guidance to clubs, Cricket Scotland has contacted its members again this afternoon clarifying that, ".....we have been advised that toilet facilities must remain closed.".  This means that, in addition to the other social distancing requirements to be implemented by the club it is important that members who, in time, have confirmed training slots are fully aware that clubhouse toilet facilities will be closed for the duration of their allotted session, and will not available for use. 


Cricket Scotland guidance for clubs on the return to cricket [posted 23/06/20]


Cricket Scotland has circulated summary guidance for clubs on the return to cricket activities that are anticipated to be permissable as Scotland moves in to Phase 2 of the lifting of COVID-19-related restrictions, from 29 June 2020.  The summary can be found online here, and on Cricket Scotland's website. 

As noted below, the club is committed to the safe restarting of cricket activities at the earliest practical juncture, and in a manner that is fully compliant with national governing body and Government agency guidelines and rules.  The Cricket Scotland summary guidance makes reference to detailed guidance expected from sportscotland before the 29th of June, pending which the club will continue its planning.   Again as noted below, regular updates to players and members will continue to be issued using the usual messaging channels.


Re-commencement of cricket activities - club update [posted 21/06/20]

The club's General Committee met earlier today, by video-call, to discuss the possible re-commencement of cricket activities at "Shawholm" in line with Scottish Government-approved national governing body guidelines expected to be published over the next week.  Discussion centred on ensuring that any activities that were re-started would be facilitated in a COVID-safe way.  Whilst the guidance from Cricket Scotland remains to be published, it was concluded likely that this would not be materially divergent from the guidance issued, and that has been operational, in England.  As such, once the re-commencement of some activities does become permitted, it is important for all members to note that this will not mean that everything will be "back to normal".  Rather it is expected that activities will be very limited in the first instance; will be trialled over at least the first week of relaxed restrictions; will follow a risk assessment having been carried out pursuant to whatever guidelines are set out; will likely centre on [very] small-group net practice using the all-weather net bay and practice area; and will be controlled by a formal booking and monitoring system.  The committee also agreed that only members who have continued to pay their membership subscriptions will be eligible to book in for sessions.  In summary, the club is committed to re-commencing cricket activities at the earliest practical juncture, when it is safe to do so, and is also - cognisant of its responsibilities to members, their families and the wider community - committed to only doing so in a manner that is safe and fully compliant with specific published guidance and wider Government rules.  Regular updates to players and members will continue to be issued using the usual messaging channels. 


COVID-19 - further statement from Cricket Scotland [posted 18/06/20]

Cricket Scotland today issued a futher update regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.  In its statement the national governing body said, "Cricket Scotland has today welcomed the First Minister's announcement to move through the route map process which will allow the return of cricket activity as part of revised exercise and physical activity guidelines.   This move highlights the positive impact sport has on physical health, mental health and wellbeing and is welcomed by those involved in cricket at all levels in Scotland.  Gus Mackay, CEO of Cricket Scotland, said: 'Today's news allows us to move to the next stage of resuming cricket activity in line with the latest public health advice. Over the next few days, Cricket Scotland's guidance and plans for a return to cricket will be developed in partnership with sportscotland and the Scottish Government.  With cricket activity currently suspended until the 1st July, we are bringing this forward to restart initial activity from 29th June in accordance with the Scottish Government announcement that clubs may open all outdoor sports areas and pitches.  Until the guidance and plans are approved, we remain in Phase One in the easing of lockdown restrictions and no cricket activity at clubs or other cricket venues can take place.  We are committed to working closely with Scottish Government, sportscotland and other Sports Governing Bodies to ensure the safe return of cricket and the health and safety of all those involved in the game remains our priority.  Once the guidelines are approved, Cricket Scotland will announce the next steps.'"


COVID-19 - further statement from Cricket Scotland [posted 28/05/20]

Cricket Scotland today issued a futher update regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.  In its statement the national governing body said, "Following the Scottish Government announcement today that certain non-contact outdoor sports are allowed to return in the Phase 1 exit from lockdown, Cricket Scotland would like to clarify the situation regarding cricket activity and training.  The Scottish Government has advised Cricket Scotland today that cricket is not one of the sports authorised to restart activity in Phase 1, including personal training and one to one coaching.  Cricket Scotland has submitted plans to the Scottish Government for approval for the return to training at elite and club level in anticipation that cricket will form part of the Scottish Government’s Phase 2 plan to allow players and coaches to return to training. It is hoped that those plans will be approved shortly before Phase 2 commences.  Any approval and potential return to cricket activity announced by the Scottish Government around the 18th June would only take effect from 1st July.  The period between these two dates will allow players, coaches, clubs and facilities time to prepare to comply with the approved plans and guidelines which are likely to require risk assessments, special hygiene and sanitation arrangements, formal booking systems, insurance checks and an on-site presence from the facility operator to supervise training at all times.  Cricket Scotland therefore reminds clubs and others that cricket activity remains suspended and all cricket facilities should remain closed until 1st July at the earliest."


COVID-19 - further statement from Cricket Scotland [posted 13/05/20]

Cricket Scotland today issued an update regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.  This can be read online.


COVID-19 - club update [posted 10/05/20]

Club President Kenneth Robertson has written to members today, updating them on the situation as regards COVID-19 and the restrictions arising therefrom, and how these are impacting the club.  It has been emailed to members, and circulated to junior players' parents and senior players by WhatsApp today.  It can also be read, here online.


Ground update [posted 08/05/20]

There might be no cricket at present, because of the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 outbreak, however groundsman Adam Richardson has not been sitting on his hands.  Instead he's taken the opportunity afforded by the break - in addition to maintaining the square and outfield on a "care and maintenance" basis - to work on areas of the surrounds to the policies, working, of course, on his own and socially distancing where required from other park users.





Older news

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Poloc teams play under various playing names: Poloc, Shawholm, Poloc Panthers and Poloc Pythons


Poloc plays in the Cricket Scotland League Premier Division administered by the Western District Cricket Union ("WDCU") and Shawholm plays in that league's Premier Reserve Division.  


In addition, Poloc Panthers play in the WDCU Evening League, the Poloc Pythons compete in Cricket Scotland's winter tapeball league, and junior sides play at different age-group levels in the West District Junior Cricket Union soft- and hard-ball leagues and cups, as well as in national cup competitions.






Check out the weather at Shawholm before setting out - we like the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation site best!  To see what it's saying about the weather in G43, click on the logo below to go to its website.





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