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Poloc's juniors - the "Mini-Mighty"!


Poloc runs junior cricket teams at six available age-group levels: Under 10, 11, 13, 15, 16 and 18 and compete in West District Junior Cricket Union - as well as Cricket Scotland - competitions.  Under 10 players compete in "Kwik Cricket" competitions, the others hard-ball.  But competitive play is only one, small, aspect of Poloc's junior work and this page will tell you more about what's going on at the club for the 70 or so youngsters registered with it.


The club's coaching staff are all qualified and appropriately CRBS, Disclosure Scotland, PVG and/or Police checked, and the club is an enrolled body under the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme.  Poloc's Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy can be viewed online and is also available from our Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Officer, Keith Young, whose contact details can be found below and on the Contact us page of the website.


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Junior news and match report  


Scottish Cup disappointment [posted 03/09/17]

The Under 18s will, likely, rue picking today as the day to individually and collectively under-perform, the consequence of which was a 44-run defeat to Carlton in the semi-final of this season's Scottish Cup.  In the field first, too many bowlers failed to do the basics well - bowling consistent lines and length - and chances were passed up in the field, culminating in Carlton being able to post 144 for 7.  However the "7" really flatters the 'Loc as three wickets fell in the last over.  Carlton's 144 was based around Whittaker's 47 (37), a knock that saw him given a life on 25 when Sobo put down a caught and bowled chance.  Rambo, 'keeping in the absence of CJ, also put down a sharp chance standing up, whilst misfields saw runs leaked.  Throw in 11 runs conceded in wides and no balls, and it was a scrappy first half from the side, with only Raza (4-0-15-1) really being able to say he'd done his job.  144 it was then, Whittaker's contribution being added to by Beattie (34) and McIntyre (20), and so the 'Loc would need to score at more than 7-an-over to secure the win. 


Discussion between innings centred on making sure as many of the top order as possible could face bowlers three, four and five; a reminder that the match didn't have to be won in over ten but in over nineteen; and that factoring in the extras that would likely come their way it was important batters had evolving plans as the innings progressed as to how the winning post would be reached.  Hardly rocket science, granted, but sensible enough to focus minds.  And so it was that, after much nodding of heads, the top order then went out,.....and got out!  Four out of the top five: 30 for 4 in the seventh over.  Owais (1) top-edged a full toss from the final ball of off-spinner Simpson's opening over; Timmy (0) was cleaned up second ball by Brown second-last ball of over two [Ed: an over that saw 7 wides conceded!]; Rambo (7) cut a wide half-tracker from Brown, in his third over [Ed: an over that saw 5 in wides conceded!], straight to point; and Amaan (0) pulled a Simpson half-tracker straight to the fielder at deep mid-wicket.  Collective suicide, each batter collecting their brain from the umpire on their way off.    It was then 36 for 5 quick enough too, as Sobo (3) was bowled by Beattie.  Pre-innings plans well-and-truly scrapped. 


Uzzi was still there however, and he'd bat with the rest of the order as, eventually, 100 all out was amassed, the final wicket falling on the penultimate delivery of the match.  Uzzi had at least hung around, though his 33 amidst the carnage had seen him struggle to rotate strike, and saw him face 58, or nearly half the, deliveries.  Aside him only Abdul (11) got into double figures.  In fact the next best contributor to the 'Loc's total was the Carlton bowling attack who, somehow, gifted 31 runs in wides!  Factoring that in really does emphasise the scale of the batting failure. 


So defeat, and a hefty one, Carlton deservedly winning - despite their wayward bowling - having simply performed better on the day, and done more of the basics consistently.  Congratulations to them.  For the 'Loc players there's hopefully frustration, and maybe just a smidgeon of embarrassment, given the scale of the underperformance and choking.  However only time will tell whether this acts as a catalyst to look to how performances "when it matters" can be delivered, or whether - if this old reporter's allowed a wee rant - today's post-match team discussion was no more than a ten-minute delay to putting baseball caps on backwards and getting back to smart 'phones!


Win at New Anniesland [posted 31/08/17]

After what seemed like an eternity without any cricket matches getting started, far less finished, the Under 18s managed to get their rescheduled league match against Glasgow Accies played this evening over on the north side of the city.  Batting first on a really good wicket given the recent monsoon-like weather that's blighted season 2017, the side posted 142 for 2 in their [reduced] eighteen-over allocation.  All the batters made contributions, with only Sobo (15) not really managing to "kick on".  Sobo, with Uzzi (42), did however blunt the Accies' opening attack, putting on 50 for the first wicket inside ten overs, the run-rate rising as the overs went by. 


After Sobo's departure Uzzi was joined by skipper Taimoor and the two added another 37 runs in just under five overs as Timmy got up-and-running from the get-go.  However their burgeoning partnership would be ended when Uzzi was bowled round his legs by Greene's leg-spin for a run-a-ball 42.  This brought Rambo to the middle and his arrival was the catalyst for a really good last few overs as the three figures were passed, and an already good run-rate increased further.  Rambo would score 38* from just seventeen balls - including four 4s, and two 6s - and, with Taimoor a perfect foil (24*), the side eventually posted 142 for 2. 


In reply Accies lost an early wicket as Greene was caught by Raza at point off Timmy's bowling.  However this would be the 'Loc's only success as Oliver (42*) and Russell (55*) batted through and, for a time, looked like they might get their side pretty close to the 143 needed for the win.  Both were particularly harsh on Abdullah's bowling (3-0-32-0), with Raza also suffering some pain (3-0-25-0) as the slow bowling combo took some tap.  Timmy however led from the front with the ball, his four overs returning 1 for 13, Sobo's 4-0-15-0 being almost as important in preventing the Glasgow Accies top order getting off to a flyer.  However as it was - and in the gathering gloom - the 'Loc got home by 24 runs.  A good win, and, as relevantly, just good to get a game in!


Under 13 derby win [posted 12/06/17]

Well readers [Ed: plural, that's optimistic!] this was a strange one.  On a dreich night, where arguably any fuse lit would likely have simply either shivered and gone out, or quickly been extinguished by the dampness under foot, this game was, nevertheless, a slow-burner, with an explosive end.  Fizzling along - kind of - for 36 or so overs, the match suddenly, and from nowhere, suddenly became watchable as the end neared.  But to the end later.  Let's, as they say, start at the beginning.  Batting first, the 'Loc lost their first wicket in just the second over as Hasan was caught and bowled by Raja without scoring to notch an entry on this season's Webbed Feet Award table.  6 for 1.  Things then settled down in to what would become the pattern for much of the rest of the game in fact: slow scoring, cheap dismissals, and the bowlers holding sway on a wicket tricky after the very wet weather there's been over the last two weeks.  In fact aside Abdullah, who made an unbeaten 30, none of the other batters [Ed: on either side!] would score more than 16, and only two others would reach double figures!  Four other 'Loc batters joined Hasan on the Webbed Feet Award table, whilst five 'Dale batters wouldn't get beyond 3.  As you'd have imagined the bowlers' figures were generally impressive as a result, Jamesy's 4-3-5-2 being ridiculously so.  More of his bowling to come.  Amidst the grinding of the slow run-rate, there were also some slightly comical dismissals, maybe Momin being stumped after dozily wandering out of his crease being a particular favourite.  And this after he'd pulled the only 6 of the evening over backward square-leg!


In fact had it not been for extras (38), and Clydesdale using ten bowlers, the 'Loc might not have posted anything like the 85 for 9 they ended up on.  86 to win then. 


But as trailed, scoring runs proved no easier for the home side batters than it had for the 'Loc.  And wickets similarly fell at all too regular intervals for the 'Dale coach's liking likely too.  Ten overs in, the home side were 39 for 3 chasing the 86 they had been set to win.  Wickets four, five and six then fell as the last four overs got underway.  In fact with four overs to go, despite generously reciprocating on the extras front, the 'Loc had bowled and fielded sufficiently well that their opponents still needed 26 to win, from just 24 balls.  But then over seventeen from Hasan cost 10, 6 in wides!  Abdullah, bowling next up, then conceded 8 in over eighteen, including 2 in no balls, meaning that only 8 were needed from the last two overs.  Cue damp and dispirited spectators to sit up and pay attention.  Maybe the fizzle might yet sizzle.  Hasan bowled the penultimate over and it cost 6 runs.  Only 2 to win now.  Six balls to bowl.  Jamesy the bowler.  Surely they couldn't lose it from here?  Cue the skipper to make the evening's most telling contribution.  Jamesy's over went as follows: . . W . W W  The lit fuse had reached the dynamite, and - bang! - the 'Loc had somehow snatched victory from not so much the jaws of defeat, but from somewhere down the esophagus near the stomach!  What a great over under pressure!  Every ball straight, and three wickets resulting, the final one seeing Hassaan running out Bacon off the last ball as the single that would have seen a tie was attempted to be run by the 'Dale batters.


So an exciting end to an otherwise - it has to be said - pretty dreary affair.  Abdullah's 30* was the standout batting performance, and Jamesy's bowling, including that final over, matched Abdullah's knock in its importance in securing the unlikely win. 


Frank Smith Trophy progression [posted 26/05/17]

The Under 16s were in action for the first time this season, taking on West of Scotland in the Frank Smith Trophy over at Hamilton Crescent, the trophy being played at Under 16 this season.  On another glorious night, perfect for cricket, and in front of a large crowd, the Under 16s romped to a convincing 95-run win.  After posting 180 for 3 batting first in what must've been the longest innings of T20 cricket ever - it took two hours! - the side then [literally!] ran through their overs, incentivised by the offer of a free post-match drink if they could get the game finished by 9pm.  With the second innings starting at 8.16pm this was a decent challenge.  But rise to the challenge they did, with the last West wicket falling at,.....wait for it.....exactly 9.01pm!  Unlucky guys!  Fortunately peer group pressure prevailed and the Coach's wallet was opened.  14.3 overs bowled, and eight wickets taken, in 45 minutes - take a bow. 


But back to the first innings.  Rambo's 75 not out (50 balls) was the standout performance, Uzzi being maybe a tad unlucky as he drained a hip-high full toss straight to mid-on to depart for 25 (14) when he looked in really good nick.  Zakir's 23* is also worthy of mention in despatches.  Rambo's 75* included eight 4s, and a couple of big maximums.  And in the fast-forward second innings, the eight wickets to fall were shared around, Hassaan taking a brace, and Jamesy, Nabeel, Samee and Zakir one each.  There were also two run outs, a direct hit from Uzzi the better of the two. 


So the Under 16s progress in the trophy and now have a home tie against either Prestwick or Ayr. 


Under 15s lose a tight one [posted 12/05/17]

If the Under 11s (see below) were frustrated at their match with Ayr being abandoned, the Under 15s similarly found themselves feeling miffed this evening.  Also up against Ayr, the 'Loc posted a whopping 149 for 2 batting first, only to find themselves on the end of a defeat when their visitors snuk home with two balls to spare having, themselves, lost just the three wickets.  In a match where clearly the batters were on top, Sobo (75*) and Rafay (54) both scored half centuries as that target of 150 was set.  However 150 would ultimately prove chaseable for the New Cambusdoon youngsters, losing just those three wickets en route, their target being reached in the final over.  Disappointing maybe, but perhaps silver linings being the two 'Loc batters' knocks, and the fact that even though the match was a competitive league encounter, no fewer than eight 'Loc bowlers bowled. 


Under 11s frustrated [posted 12/05/17]

The Under 11s got their 2017 season under way tonight down at New Cambusdoon,.....kind of.  "Kind of" because in the end the game started but didn't finish, persistent rain falling early in the 'Loc's reply that saw the players and umpires return to the clubhouse in search of cover.  However there had been some action before the abandonment came, including Ayr's complete innings.  And in that innings there were wickets for Devraj (three), Musa (two), Abdullsubhan (one) and Nitin (one, on debut).  There was also a good direct-hit run out executed by Abdullsubhan which contributed to the home side losing the eight wickets that went down in their innings.  Net 69 (under the pairs cricket scoring system) was Ayr's final score, leaving the Under 11s with a target of net 70 to win.


But the 'Loc's run-chase would be cut short by the rain, interrupting Abdullsubhan's and Nitin's overs at the crease.  Prior to these two, Musa and Zeeshan had managed their four overs, with Devraj, Adam, Mazin and Abhay all unable to get their pads on and get out in to the middle.  Hopefully we'll re-arrange the match for later in the summer.


Under 13s lose narrowly [posted 08/05/17]

The Under 13s exited this year's ECB Cup this evening, losing to Ferguslie by just 9 runs.  The match, yet another played in glorious weather, was keenly contested and went nearly all the way with the 'Loc youngsters still in the hunt in a second innings run-chase until the last couple of overs.  For the visitors two batters dominated, scoring 30 not out each, with the other six batters getting to the middle mustering just 8 between them.  The 'Loc Under 13s also managed to give each of the players - other than Kshitij who was 'keeping - a bowl, and it was a decent effort with the ball that saw Ferguslie restricted to 93 for 5 in their innings.  However despite 30 not out from Hasan Malik on debut, 20 from Hassaan and 14 from Abdullah, the 'Loc run-chase just didn't ever have enough momentum and the side would finish 9 runs shy of their opponent's score to see the Paisley club progress in the competition.  The scorecard of the game's online.


Under 15s win on opening day [posted 05/05/17]


The Under 15s kicked off another junior league season for the club's junior sides, travelling to The Tryst to take on Stenhousemuir this evening.  And on a beatifully crisp early summer evening the youngsters defended 94 to secure a 14-run win.  Batting first the Under 15s posted 94, with 32 from Sobo and an unbeaten 30 form Abdul.  Then in a closely-fought second innings, the tide was turned for the 'Loc when Hassaan opened his spell in the middle overs by returning 2-2-0-2. 

And then as the required run-rate rose the home side suffered a middle order collaspe, four wickets falling in consecutive deliveries, Nabeel the bowler.  We've the scorecard online, and the first Under 15s averages and statistics.



Archived junior match reports

You can read earlier, and prior season, junior match reports online in our archive too. 



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Junior membership


The coaching provided by the club for juniors is free-of-charge, and young people attending do not have to become club members unless they want to.  The club, however, welcomes new junior members.  The related application and consent forms can be downloaded for completion direct from the website.



Club-based junior coaching


"Open-to-all" coaching


Outdoor junior coaching

Under the umbrella of the "Community Coaching Initiative", this takes place on Monday and Wednesday evenings at the club between late April and early September.  Monday coaching sessions at Shawholm are for Under 11s (as at 1 September in the previous year) between 6pm and 7pm, with Under 13s and Under 15s coming between 6.30pm and 8pm on Wednesdays.  Under 18s practice, along with seniors, on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 6.30pm and 8.30pm.


The club's registered juniors number around 70 and receive regular correspondence updating them as to what's going on for them at the club and encouraging them to get along to these outdoor practices.


As with senior practice, sessions, whenever practical, involve "nets" although teaching of the basics of the game is given a high priority. as such, genuine "beginners" are welcome along on any of the juniors evenings with children of both sexes, and as young as seven years old, taking part.  The use of "Kwik Cricket" facilitates safe play for even the youngest children.


Indoor junior coaching

After the end of the traditional summer playing season, coaching moves indoor with the facilities of Hutchesons' Grammar School Sports Hall being utilised.  Indoor coaching sessions are advertised here on the website and are normally on weekends.


Junior coaching is co-ordinated by Junior Convenor Keith Young with the assistance of David James and other registered coaches.  The club's overseas players/coaches also play a central role in junior coaching.


Interested parents and/or children can find out more about junior coaching by contacting Keith Young and/or the club directly. the club's contact details can be found on the Contact us section of the website, Keith Young can be contacted directly on 07802-951913, or by email.


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