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(Please note that no offence is intended to any third party in the undernoted match reports that are produced with the primary intention of [hopefully] entertaining club members.)


A match report from the living Bogey's perspective [posted 22/05/19]

Shawholm were back in action again in the Western Cup group stage game this evening, making the trip to the West End to take on Glasgow Accies at "New Anniesland". 


Punga had already started long before the game. Hunnain receiving nine miscalls from Vehla Siddiqui asking for a free Uber ride. Once arriving at Accies, Shawholm lead lost the toss and we were bowling first.  On one side the boundary was just a few more metres longer than the 30-yard circle. Accies had heard Vehla Siddiqui was showing up and so gave him the opportunity to hit his first 6.


Shawholm lead made clear in the team talk he expected this to be a high-scoring game. If anything, the first few overs reflected this prediction as the Enforcer was not in his usual groove.  Nevertheless, he found his line and length and took the first scalp with a good catch from Ali Ali. While MK 007 kept it tight from one end, only for two dropped catches in a few balls giving the opposition some lifes. Shawholm's lead then went through his usual rotation of bowlers like a lottery until he found someone who would get hit less than 7-an-over. He settled for Butt Saab ("Okay thanks") who was thanking him for the opportunity, again, "Okay thanks".  In fact, he was very thankful that day, thanking everyone and everything.


Coming on from the other end was the reporter Bogey, and Hunnain. They both restricted the run-rate although Hunnain was unlucky due to a couple of dropped catches. It was a similar story to Sunday's game where everyone was spilling chances. Slappy show-cased that if you don't attempt to catch the ball then people can't say you dropped it. Usual excuses from Slappy. Wickets did come though thanks to some good catching by Ali Ali – sorry we mean, Ali Sheikh - and some great 'keeping by Chaudhry Saab. After each wicket fell, Shawholm's lead thought it appropriate to hold a team meeting in the middle and rile the troops. An agenda was provided, and minutes recorded. Ruman voted in absentia. Although the boundary on one side was small, the bowlers bowled to their fields and restricted Accies to 137 on what looked to be a 170+ pitch. Game on.


Shawholm's lead had another meeting inside encouraging the players that this was our game to win. They were at least 30 runs short and so we should go out there and play sensibly. Chaudhry Saab and Hunnain opened. While, Vehla Saab wanted to umpire both ends. After the first over, Shawholm's lead felt some regret as he saw Chaudhry Saab defend five balls in a row, but all was settled when he hit the first boundary of Shawholm's innings off the next ball. After this Hunnain and Chaudhry Saab rotated the strike well, finding the odd boundary. Taking quick singles and pushing for 2s. The rate was under control. Just when they were settled Chaudhry Saab decided to "go big", and, in fact, that was his downfall, going for the big shot was the main cause of a few dismissals.


In came Slappy at three. With his usual antics of trying to please everyone including the opposition, him and Hunnain did what was thought the impossible, the "dot-to-dot twins" rotated the strike well!  But again, just as the partnership began to grow Slappy went for a big heave and played across the line. Failing to slap the ball. The score was 82 for 2 after thirteen overs. Needing 55 off seven overs Shawholm's lead had to decide: send a batsman in who can rotate the strike well and find the odd boundary or go all guns blazing. He went for the latter and in came Papi Chullo Triple O 7. The decision looked to be correct as MK and Hunnain rotated the strike. Hunnain trying to push for 2s but MK having none of it. He was there to hit. And hit he did, striking some over the short boundary. However, Papi Chulo began to believe he was MS Dhoni and started to deny easy singles! At this point the run-rate was hovering around 7s. All that was required now was some match awareness and sensible batting. As Keith says it's a thinking game. However, Papi Chullo now started to believe he was a reincarnation of Shahid Afridi and went for a big shot when it was just not required at that stage. He got caught and in came Froggy at five. Unfortunately, Froggy came in and went out as fast as Ruman's Muuths. Some dots were played and there was a shout from Hunnain for a desperate quick single but a direct hit from the fielder meant Froggy had to go. At this point 10 was required from eight balls. Still Shawholm's game to win. Unfortunately, though Hunnain was still at the non-strikers end. Again, all that was required was some sensible hitting and going for 1s and pushing for 2s. Hunnains new partner was Captain Vehla himself – Shawholm's lead. Hunnain not even acknowledging the new batsman, had him come up all the way to the non-striker's end to ask for a briefing and analysis of the bowler. Hunnain told him he’s an "offie".  First ball pitches outside leg and comes in, but expertly left by MI and goes for a wide. However, Shawholm's lead wanted to relieve some pressure on the angry Bogey, and to eveyone's dismay he went for a big slog sweep over "Cow", with his eyes in the sky, as the ball pitched on leg and turned in. Two leggies bowled by the so called "offie", resulting in MI being dismissed after being his own player.


Next batsman in was Punga Lover Haris. He rotated the strike and then Hunnain took a single so 7 was required from the last over! At this point there were some nervy looks in the Shawholm camp. Hunnain took a single of the first ball. 6 off five needed. However, the next ball was a dot. Then a wide. 5 off four. Punga Lover hit the next ball to short fine leg and Hunnain took the risky single. 4 off three. Hunnain takes a single off the next ball. 3 off two. At this point Hunnain went up to Haris and said to push hard for the 2 and, if possible, 3. Haris went for a big shot down the ground, it was an easy 2 and Hunnain called for the third, however, he was sent back by Haris for a bizarre reason. Hunnain believed that even if he was out there was a chance they could win the game, and if Haris was out Hunnain would be on strike. Nevertheless 1 off one required. Hunnain was ready to run. Unfortunately, Haris could do nothing about the low full toss on his pads except bat it down.  Hunnain ran anyway but to no avail. The match was tied.  Or so everyone thought!  Due to the cup rules Shawholm had actually lost being more wickets down. This was not made clear to Hunnain or Haris by Slappy who was informed by the Captain moments before, and unfortunately, from a winning position, Shawhlom had given the game away. Slappy instead would go into the changing room and state "I wasn't told"!


The biggest takeaways from today's game would be to take our chances in the field, bat sensibly and according to the situation. Some positives were Ahmad's keeping, Ali Ali's fielding and a good comeback from the bowling unit to restrict the total after a fast start. Also, Hunnain's gun batting ("Okay thanks"). Special thanks also to Vehla Siddiqui for paying his match fees and for giving Hunnain middle and leg stump guard during the game.  "Okay thanks."


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